NEW YORK — “I don’t really need this fight. I’m already satisfied with what I have done in boxing.”
The pronouncement was made by Manny Pacquiao on September 6 in a press briefing announcing his forthcoming bout with Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12 in Las Vegas.
The FilAm asked if he was considering retirement any time soon. He replied, “I will make an official announcement soon.”
Pacquiao quickly added, “It’s not gonna be long, I wanna be in the executive in 2013. It’s gonna be hard for me to be doing both.”
“When I entered politics, my desire was to help people. After my boxing career, I’m definitely focusing on helping people,” he said, indicating he is looking forward to being a candidate for an executive position in 2013. Mayor or governor he’s not saying.
The boxing icon credited efficient time management for his ability to juggle musical recording, politics and boxing.
“It’s a good thing that I’m a congressman right now ‘cause there’s not a lot of work in the office unlike being an executive like mayor or governor. It’s a good thing I can train hard and focus on my fight,” he said.
This is the third face-off between Pacquiao and three-time world champion Marquez.
“The first two fights were as close as any two fights could be. The first fight was a draw, the second was a close split-decision. This fight in November will conclusively demonstrate who the better fighter is and settle a point of contention which has been going on for years,” said promoter Bob Arum.
Pacquiao explained further, “I’m not complaining that people say my fights with Marquez were the most difficult fights of my career because of what happened in the last two fights. I have improved a lot and it’s a different situation now compared to five years ago.”
For his part, Marquez said, “I beat him the first two fights but did not get the decision; this time I will beat him again and I will get the victory.”
Pacquiao said his fighting style has changed from the last two bouts with Marquez. “People will notice that there’s a big difference between my style now and the last fights we had.”
He’s begun training with Freddie Roach for 11 weeks now. “I will be more focused on this one. I will train hard.”
Since they know each other having fought twice in the past, Pacquiao said it would not be difficult to anticipate the best strategy to use.
“We’re going to work hard, and we won’t underestimate him,” said Roach. “Marquez has become a little more aggressive fighter, and I think that may be his downfall.”
In the end, Pacquiao said he was happiest when he made Filipinos proud of their heritage.
“When I walk into the ring on November 12, it will be more than a world title defense for me. It will be another opportunity to bring honor and glory to my country,” he said.
The World Welterweight Championship Pacquiao-Marquez III will be held November 12 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It will be presented by HBO Pay-Per-View.




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