MANILA, Philippines–The Pilipinas Cycling League will hold its third leg of Immuvit Race Against Time at Clark Freeport, Pampanga, this weekend.
This leg will use new set of transponders as the old PCL and PPCL transponders will not be accepted nor read by the machine, according to the organizers.
The race starts with Stage 1 for the Team Time Trial set at 8 a.m. on Sept. 3, Saturday. Participants in the Executives and Masters division have 47. 2 km to prove their skills on the road while those in the Women’s have to pedal through the set 23.7 km before making the cut.
The afternoon will feature Stage 2 – Circuit Race with the Executives and Masters participants riding through 63km road race and 42.4km road race for the Women and Junior divisions.
On Sunday, Sept. 4, the Final Stage Road Race will determine who has enough will power to survive the 118km road race for the Executives and Masters divisions. The women and those competing in the Junior divisions will have to toughen up for the 71.1km race.
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